Psychological Landscapes

"Psychological landscapes” aims to show new possibilities for the viewer to observe the world.

It all starts with a photograph of a landscape. A lake, a river, a mountain. Scenarios so common to our eyes. All the images were captured in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, both in the USA.

From a single image, I start working on a digital process aiming to transform the usual landscape photograph into a psychological landscape that represent our feelings and moods. Each piece of work has its name in reference to these sensations such as Blurry Calm, Blurry Joy, Blurry Serene…

The work also pays homage to the abstraction exercises of the Dutch artist Theo van Doesberg, the main leader of the De Stijl movement. The work assumes digital manipulation in contemporary photography to present it as a support for artistic expression, and not as a means of capturing records.

Although they are simply photographs, they are also pure paintings, brushstrokes made through a lens, dubious colors and abstract shapes, vestiges of landscapes, which invite us to dive into their inner labyrinths.