Ana Leal


Ana Leal’s photographic work explores ideas of memory, the passage of time, and empty spaces.  She uses strategies of minimalism and fragmentation to invite viewers into the inner labyrinths of her subjects. Inspired by the notion of The Void, as a way of experiencing contemplation when immersed in these unoccupied spaces, Leal takes her audience to a timeless place of diffuse spatiality. She aims to capture the beauty of simplicity through abstraction or rendering subtle images that emphasizes minutiae.

Ana Leal fotography

Leal works with both digital and film cameras creating either simple images or photo collages to produce Archival Pigment Print pieces on a variety of supports such as paper, canvas or aluminum.


Leal is the recipient of 15th Julia  Margaret Cameron Award. She also received an Honorable Mention on Prix de La Photographie Paris and was nominated on Latin America 7. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and Brazil in galleries such as Davis Orton (NY) , Praxis Gallery ( MN ) , Black Box Gallery ( OR ) and Photoplace Gallery ( VT ) and rests in many private collections. She has been published at Envision Arts Magazine, Thought art Magazine and Dodho Magazine


Leal (b. 1969, Brazil) currently works and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She completed her Master of Fine Arts at Miami International University of Arts and Design (2018), and her Bachelor of Arts in photography from the Pan American School of Arts in São Paulo (2013).